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6 Reasons a Good Management Software will Benefit Your Gym

Discover the 6 reasons why investing in a good gym management software can benefit your gym. Grow a fitter business, today!
Reasons Gym Software Will Benefit Your Gym

Here’s the Six Benefits a Good Gym Management System will Bring to Your Gym

  1. More efficient staff management
  2. Access to better financial control
  3. Increased member satisfaction
  4. Powerful marketing capabilities
  5. Enhanced product management
  6. Ability to innovate sales processes

Investing in a high-quality gym management software has potential to yield an enticing return, offering multiple benefits to your fitness business. A fully integrated system will act as the heart of all daily operations, meaning finding the right option is essential.

Those who currently use a good gym software can expect to see benefits across a range of business areas, including; staff management, member satisfaction, sales processes, and more.

Why Finding a Leading Gym Management Software can Make All The Difference

Whether you’re looking to start up a new fitness business, or have owned one (or many) for years – one of two things usually fall true.

One: The software you use will fade away into the background after enough use, becoming just another ‘tool’ needed to do your job.

Two: You’ll learn to heavily rely on it, learning how each facility plays a critical part in operating a successful fitness business.

Regardless of the answer, one thing still remains the same. Software acts as a key platform that enables you to do things that would otherwise not be possible… On a daily basis! Gone are the days of a slow paper-based system or the double handling of information (Unless you’re still using a paper-based system… Or doubling handling information. Then it’s probably best to stop reading and give our team a call. Really…)

Otherwise, whether you realise it or not, you’re already reaping some of the many benefits that gym software has to offer. Maybe you just haven’t seen just what a “Good” system can do for your business.

Why does it matter? Well, a dish is often broken down into an array of different ingredients. Each with a distinct role in making that very same dish successful. Software is the same… And you can bet the quality of features (or ingredients) can really make a difference in how you’re able to effectively manage and operate your gym.

As such, we’ve compiled a list based on feedback received from hundreds of businesses operating within the fitness industry. Here is what they say are the top six benefits of using a leading gym management software (In this case, VIGYR).

More efficient staff management

Though most software solutions on the market today will offer some form of staff management, leading alternatives come equipped with a more comprehensive set of functions.

Why is this important? Well, it enables you to better prepare your team to do their job. While it seems straight-forward, over the long-term this can translate into better profits, happier clients, and better member retention rates.

In addition, efficient staff management processes also allow you to measure and analyse team performance, meaning you can understand how personnel are interacting with your business. This can help when looking to identify up-skilling opportunities or implementing a reward system.

Key Benefits

  • Customisable Staff Access Solutions
  • Dynamic Task Scheduling Capabilities
  • Advanced Resource Allocation
  • Unique Staff Performance Tracking
Staff Management Software Benefit

Access to better financial control

A key aspect to any fitness software is the ability to gain full control over your businesses financial situation. Whether it be locating historic revenue reports, identifying active paying members or customising the way you process member payments – switching to a good gym software can provide a significant quantity of benefits.

Does your gym really need access to facilities that afford you better financial control? Well, yes. In fact, it may be the most important set of features that you need to look for.

Though many health clubs will operate to make an impact, at the end of the day, money matters. You need to be turning over revenue and seeing adequate profit margins to continue making a difference. So, investing in software that can manage direct debits and help you streamline the financial part of your business in a simple yet powerful way, is essential.

Key Benefits

  • Customisable Payment Reports
  • Simple Member Payment Processing
  • Business Revenue Charting
  • Dynamic Debiting Management
  • Operational Revenue Forecasts
  • Save thousands on external business integrations
Gym Financial Management Software

Increased member satisfaction

Regardless of your club size, machine specifications or class variety – members are the core variable that determine how great your gym really is. As such, doing everything you can to maximise the customer experience is pivotal.

Investing in a good club software will afford your access to a range of facilities that can not only help manage your members, but find out what’s most important to them.

Leading systems will enable you to run reports based on member data (Upcoming Expiries, Birthdays, etc.) and export that data into contact lists. As such, you can easily automate communications that are sure to make your members day.

Send a happy birthday email? Done

Congratulate members on their one-year anniversary with you? Easy!

Key Benefits

  • Real-time Member Access Control
  • Automated Communication Functions
  • Seamless Member On-Boarding Tools
  • Personalised Access Configuration
  • Detailed Member Analytics (Current and Historical)
Member Management Software Benefit

Powerful marketing capabilities

Setting up your business for success with the fundamentals should always be step number one. Beyond that, it’s time to dive into the other facilities that can help drive member acquisitions and maximise member retention rates. That’s where gym software benefits your business the most.

Utilising dynamic member communication facilities, customisable email templates, and lead tracking processes – gym software can allow you to take control of in-house marketing initiatives. Why’s this important? Well it gives you the benefit of saving potentially thousands on third-party business integrations by having everything conveniently under one roof.

Key Benefits

  • Automated Member Communications
  • Dynamic Member Reporting
  • Export/ Import tailored contact lists
  • Fully customisable email template
Gym Marketing Software Benefit

Enhanced product management

Another staple of any fitness business is product management. Being able to effectively customise product offerings such as up-front memberships, direct-debit payment plans, or retail items (Protein Powder, Drinks, etc.) is essential.

As such, the benefit of a good management system can really be seen with the ability to control inventory levels, discount products for faster turnover and optimise categories to speed up transaction times.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Stock Control Capabilities
  • Customisable Product Fees and Prices
  • Dynamic Discounting Functions
  • Product Category Optimisation
  • Create tailored membership products
Gym Product Management Software Benefit

Ability to innovate sales processes

Optimising sales processes can not only streamline on-boarding processes, but also maximise chances of member acquisition. So, finding a good gym software that can deliver beneficial features can prove to pay dividends.

Finding a way to have a seamless online sign-on facility, process transactions quickly, and automate member payment schedules are all core benefits associated with a software system that’s worth investing in.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless online member sign-on
  • Automatic payment scheduling
  • Lead Management Facilities
  • Lightning-fast transaction processing
  • Customisable POS System
Software Sales Process Benefit

Looking to get the most out of a gym management software?

At this point, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that investing in a high-quality gym management software can bring a significant quantity of benefits to your fitness business.

How do you know which system is right for you?

Well, it depends on how many members you have, the number of locations, unique business requirements and so much more.

That’s exactly why we built VIGYR. The world’s premiere gym software with monthly pricing starting at $0/ Month! Where other companies cap your features and charge you for benefits, VIGYR offers the whole package.

Why? So that small gym startups and large fitness franchises have the same tools needed to build an empire.

Worried it may not be for you? No worries! We even offer a 30 day free trial! Find out more here.

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