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8 Essential Services Offered In Gym Management Software

Explore the essential software services offered by leading gym management systems on the market today! Are you missing out?
Essential Software Services offered By Gym Management Software

Here are the top services offered by leading gym management software

  1. Online Member Sign-On
  2. Task Management
  3. Contact Management Tools
  4. Business Reporting
  5. Point of Sale System
  6. Multi-site Management
  7. 24/7 Security Integration
  8. Direct Debit Services

Here are the top software services offered by leading gym management systems

As days often blur together while managing a fitness business, it can be easy to forget just how much a good gym software is relied upon.

Whether it be the little things such as 24/7 member access or running a business report, software services really underpin most of the essential activities undertaken at your club.

So, for the few looking to invest in a management system for the first time and the many looking to find a better alternative to their current software package, we’ve compiled a list of the top system services offered by leading systems on the market today!

Online Member Sign-On

While many software services will act to improve the overall experience at your gym once members actually walk through the door, Online Member Sign-On plays a key role when looking to get members to, well… walk through the door…

Basically, it’s a powerful web-based feature that innovates the old paper-based on-boarding process, allowing members to sign-up anytime, anywhere. So, whether signing up a new member in the gym or sitting back as they complete the process from the comfort of their own home – this service provides a seamless and secure way to convert new customers

Task Management

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of daily operations within your fitness club, is the ability to succinctly manage tasks and allocate resources. As such, Task Management features found within leading gym software act as an incredibly useful tool that you wouldn’t want to go without.

Whether it be the advanced staff management capabilities, intuitive task creation functions, or the ability to send out responsive push notifications – a comprehensive set of task management tools are pivotal when looking to maintain effective club management processes.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Task Manager 1

Automated Communications

You may have heard people talking about the importance of member acquisition. Well, we’re here to tell you to start shifting that conversation toward membership retention instead. Just so happens that this all starts with advanced contact management tools.

Such software services such as outbound Email and SMS act as extremely functional forms of member communications within the contact facility, enabling gyms to facilitate bulk, automated, and personalised member communications. All of which contribute to maximising member retention rates. Leading systems will even come equipped with seamless contact list migration tools and powerful messaging templates, allowing gyms to send out brand campaigns in an instant.

Business Reporting

Ask anybody how to take a fitness club to the next level and they will likely outline a distinct need to leverage business data and analytics to inform future processes. This is what makes reporting and charting services an absolute ‘must-have’ at your gym.

Such features afford you more control over your business, enabling process optimisation across a diverse range of categories including suspensions, member visits, revenue, sign-ups, and even stock management. So, when looking to invest in a new gym software system, be sure the facilities provide easy access to the key information needed to build a fitter business.

Point of Sale System

Across a range of core business activities, a Point-Of-Sale System acts as a critical feature to any gym management system, and one you should expect from all leading software services.

Not only do POS Systems innovate how member transactions are completed, they can also deliver an array of benefits beyond just ‘Selling’.

Whether it be features such as inventory management, one-click discounting, staff performance analytics, or instant member sign-on’s – a powerful point-of-sale can make all the difference when interacting with your customers on a daily basis.

Multi-Site Management

If you’re a new club owner, you may be wondering how you’d ever manage a large fitness franchise if your business starts to grow exponentially. Or, if you’re already wearing the ‘multi-site’ shoes, you would know just how essential it is to manage all sites from a central platform. This is what makes Multi-Site Management so important.

Leading software solutions will deliver a range of multi-site features that all assist in enhancing the member experience and maximising club profits.


Well, with a range of tailored features that enable you to gain more control over your business than ever before. So, whether you’re looking to assign site-specific retail offerings, gain access to visual performance data in an instant, or completely manage your franchise remotely – multi-site management is an invaluable tool to have under your belt.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Multi-site Management Feature

24/7 Security Integration

One of the first questions that fitness professionals need an answer to is how to let members in, and keep non-members out… That’s where 24/7 Security Integration acts as a pivotal feature that needs to be prioritised when comparing different software services.

A completely integrated security system extends beyond club safety by greatly affecting member interactions. With the ability to link debiting services to access functions, seamlessly manage visitor passes, and integrate with third-party security providers – your business can deliver a real-time access experience like no other.

Even if you don’t offer 24/7 membership products right now… Don’t count yourself out!

Direct Debit Services

An incredibly overlooked aspect of any gym software is direct debiting. Though debit services will often be facilitated through a payment provider, the ability to manage all club memberships through a fully integrated set-up is essential.

Whether managing member suspension periods, processing point-of-sale transactions, or renewing an existing membership product – access to operational flexibility is crucial. In fact, many fitness clubs still exist using a model that forces all adjustments to be made via a third-party, significantly impacting the customer experience.

So, when you need to take back control of your data, maximise retention rates, and streamline core business operations – upgrading gym software services could be the right move for you.

Access the most essential software services through a leading gym management system

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