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How Does Gym Management Software Work?

Most gym software will work by offering a simple management solution to essential business functions. This allows common features such as member check-in, automatic billing, member sign-on, and business reporting to be accessed in one place.

VIGYR takes this a step further by offering full process integration that allows all fitness clubs to grow their business with ease. Built using cutting-edge technology, Vigyr offers a lightning fast and user-friendly experience like no other. Not sure what this means? Think intuitive resource rostering, real-time 24/7 security integration, flexible point-of-sale systems, unmatched customer support, powerful marketing tools, and much more.

How can Gym Management Software Grow my Business?

While it is possible to grow a fitness business without club management software, using paper systems or spreadsheets are highly unfeasible when trying to maximise profitability, data security, and the overall member experience.

Fitness Software affords gym owners the opportunity to focus purely on offering a high-quality service by automating essential processes and providing access to powerful tools that are proven to increase member retention and aid in lead-generation. Whether it be through comprehensive member management, powerful reporting functions, fully integrated billing, or outbound marketing compatibility – gym software can seamlessly manage it all.

VIGYR outperforms any comparable system on the market when it comes to business growth, optimising all software features based on decades of exclusive industry insights across thousands of clubs worldwide. What does this mean? VIGYR was built for gym owners, by gym owners.

Put simply, VIGYR builds fitter businesses. This is why we also offer a premium suite of free resources designed to grow small clubs into fitness empires.

How does VIGYR compare to other gym management systems?

Whether you own a small club or a large fitness franchise, chances are that you know the importance of premium gym management software. It’s also likely that you are in the middle of comparing systems to better understand which alternative is the best investment for your business.

So, how does VIGYR compare to other gym management software? Well, it almost shouldn’t be compared… Let us explain.

On the surface VIGYR is the world’s premiere gym management software but dive a little deeper and you’ll find quite a bit more. What you get is an unmatched business solution that is proven to drive business growth.

With Vigyr you receive more than just fast, secure, and powerful software. You gain access to industry-leading support teams, marketing experts, and business strategists through our free online resources, business guides, and strategy templates.

Your success is our priority. We use our resources to help you grow a fitter business because without you, we don’t exist. So, think of VIGYR less of a leading software and more as a vital business partner.

How hard is it to switch to VIGYR from my current gym management software?

Transitioning to VIGYR is typically a very seamless process that can be completed in less than a week. This consists of a migration process that involves exporting and importing data between management software so that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Though our leading support team works tirelessly to ensure this process is kept seamless, simple, and easy – issues can arise when looking to obtain data from your current software or direct debit providers.

Often software companies will purely exist to generate revenue, meaning they can either lock you in to long-term contracts or be reluctant to export your data when requested. These issues will typically postpone the process, however, the VIGYR team is happy to help in every way possible.

This is a key difference between VIGYR and other member management software providers on the market today. As a family-owned business we operate in accordance with strong values that guide everything we do. This means we will always have your best interests at heart regardless of circumstance.

Do you offer direct debit solutions? I’m looking for a better service.

VIGYR gym management software is compatible with a broad range of direct debiting services, however, integrates best with Debit First.

Debit First is a primary partner of VIGYR and acts as an industry-leading debiting solution for the fitness industry. Here’s why we love Debit First:

  • Low Direct Debit Fees that help maximise profitability
  • No lock-in debiting contracts
  • No set-up fees, no infrastructure fees, and no extra cost for changes in frequency
  • Unmatched data integrity processes
  • Data transparency (You own your customer data)

When integrating with Debit First, you gain access to a range of business benefits that can improve the experience of club members and staff. This includes real-time no pay, no entry. This not only prevents non-paying members from using your facilities, but allows new members to enjoy 24/7 access from the moment they pay.

Where can I get quality security access cards for my 24/7 members?

VIGYR has an extensive list of connections that help make us more than just a software company. We partner with an industry-leading security tag supplier that offers high-quality member access cards for all fitness clubs.

  • RFID Cards
  • Expoxy Tags
  • FOB Tags
  • Magnetic Swipe Cards
  • Membership Barcode Cards
  • Key Tags

Leveraging our buying power, we are able to offer tags at an enticing cost-advantage – passing on more profit to clients.

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