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Top 5 Features Of The Best Gym Management Systems

Don't be caught out when switching gym management systems. Here are the top 5 'must-have' gym software features that your gym needs right now.
Features of Best Gym Management Systems
Top 5 Features Of The Best Gym Management Systems

Here’s what to look for when selecting a gym management system

  1. Fully Integrated Billing
  2. Powerful Reporting
  3. Online member sign-on
  4. Real-time No Pay – No Entry
  5. Appointment Booking

Gym management software is a vital aspect of any fitness business, so finding the right set of features is key. These are the top features found within the best gym management systems available on the market.

The most important gym management software features for your fitness business

Whether you’re the proud owner of a small independent gym or a large franchise chain – one thing will never change. The importance of choosing the right gym management system. Though there are many on the market, only few deliver a highly optimised user experience that allows for simple and seamless business operations.

Gym management software can often be overlooked when focusing on other aspects of the business which may seem more beneficial, however, over the long term you’ll find that quality gym management systems will truly be the lifeblood of your business. Feature-packed software has the ability to integrate a multitude of different features to streamline processes in a way that affords you time to focus on growing your business.

At the end of the day, customer experience is the fastest route to success in the fitness industry and gym management system can help get you there. So, here are the top five features found within the best gym management software on the market.

Fully Integrated Billing

Finding a fully integrated direct debit billing system allows you to enhance your payment management processes in a way that can save thousands in administration fees and paper trails. Leading systems will also include full scheduling options, auto suspension binding to payments, and effective reporting options.

The true importance of a gym management system that includes integrated direct debit billing is found when scaling your fitness business or as other aspects of your gym become a priority. Leading systems will manage all payments, receipts, end dates, next payment dates, check-in validity, and more. This ensures that even when you’re absent, all payments and failures will be taken care of and available to you via reporting systems.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Direct Debit 3

Powerful Reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to stay in close contact with all business operations – utilising real-time data to communicate a large array of different metrics. This provides you with the tools you need to stay on top of both financial circumstances and member interaction.

Leading gym management systems will feature the ability to give multi-report selection with hundreds of variable fields so that all data can be classified. This essentially provides more dynamic information that affords gym owners the opportunity to better optimise sales, track profits, and retain members.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Charts 3

Online member sign-on

Online member sign-on capabilities are an important feature for gym management systems to have as they significantly increase the efficiency of on-boarding processes. Not only does online sign-on eliminate paper trails, but it also reduces the likelihood of missing contracts as double handling becomes a way of the past.

The best gym management systems available on the market will be seamlessly integrated with management software to allow instant integration, meaning members are digitally entered into the system and emailed a digital copy of their contract – enhancing the customer experience.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Online Member Sign On 2

REAL TIME No Pay – No Entry

Real time No Pay – No Entry, comes as a direct benefit of integrated direct debit billing, however, it is only available across a very select few gym management systems. This makes it an important feature to look for when investing in a gym management software.

While it may seem self-explanatory, no pay – no entry is much more important than you might think in terms of enhancing your customer’s experience. While there is no real damage done in failing to deny gym member access to those with failed payments, imagine delayed access issues from a different perspective.
Without real-time access solutions, new members may be left without entry to your gym despite paying their fees in full. This can not only dramatically impact satisfaction, but also long-term retention rates.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Check-In 2

Appointment Booking

New appointment booking features now allow your gym management software to more effectively manage gym members, making their experience simple and seamless. This also allows your gym to take advantage of rostering features to best manage class sizes and staff allocation processes.

Gym management systems that perform highly in this space will typically allow you to manage a diverse range of bookings across the tennis court, sauna, personal training sessions, and more. In tandem, higher-end software will offer recurring booking features that enable you to create appointments a year in advance with just one click.

Not only does this allow for better time management, but it also offers a more seamless customer experience that assists in attracting new membership registrations and improving membership retention rates.

VIGYR Gym Management Software - Online Booking 3

So, How do you find the best gym management system for your business?

While it may be tempting to simply invest in just any gym management system, this process should be taken quote seriously as it directly affects business operations and potential gym profit. It’s important to do your research and ‘shop around’ to find the best alternative for your business.

Looking into the features is a great start, however, you may also want to look into signs that a gym management system isn’t right for you, to better understand what you do and do not want.

Not sure where to start looking? We may be able to help…

Looking for the best gym management software available? See how VIGYR can help grow your business

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VIGYR continues to act as a market leader, delivering the fastest and most flexible gym management system that integrates seamlessly to allow you to focus on what matters – growing your business! So, say hello to complete process optimisation granted by a deluxe suite of powerful tools that redefine how far software can take your business. Featuring free automatic upgrades, state of the art functionality, and support networks that have raised industry standards around the globe – look no further than VIGYR!

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