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Active Multi Tabs



What Are Active Multi Tabs?

Active Multi Tabs are an innovative software feature that revolutionise how multitasking is done within gym management software. They provide the ability to seamlessly transition between software interfaces without losing live data fields – delivering the fastest and most flexible management experience of any comparable system.

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Experience Powerful Multitasking Like Never Before

VIGYR Software is equipped with powerful multitasking tools that enable you to not only improve productivity, but handle peak hour gym times with ease. Discover the ability to keep multiple active tabs open at once without losing unsaved information. It’s simple!

Active Information Fields

Active Information Fields are an incredibly useful feature that allow tabs to remain active, meaning data is not lost in between tasks. Signing up three new members and need to quickly access the POS system for sale? No worries! Process the payment and rest assured that your new members information will still be there. Don’t waste time refilling fields. Save time, improve efficiency, and handle peak times with ease when you make the switch to VIGYR.

Lightning Fast Multitasking

Lightning Fast Multitasking comes as a direct result of VIGYR’s cloud-based implementation and active-tab functionality – allowing any task to be completed in an instant. Say goodbye to long gym queues, frustrated customers, and incapable gym management software when you make the switch to VIGYR. So, on Monday night at 6:00PM when you’re feeling the pressure, you can count on us to deliver every time.

Grow Your Business With VIGYR

VIGYR is a leading gym management system with a vision to enable the fitness industry to build healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities around the globe. We deliver world-class software and high-growth business resources that are unsurpassed in functionality, value, and support; affording all partners the tools they need to truly make a difference. Derived from decades worth of experience across thousands of clubs around the globe, VIGYR is proven to help drive real results.

Don’t be caught out with unwieldy software that doesn’t perform when you need it too. Partner with VIGYR and we’ll be there when it counts.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of all we have to offer and make the switch to VIGYR today! We’ll have you set-up and on your way to building a fitter business in an instant.

 “VIGYR has a support service second to none, they will always go that extra mile to help you out. Would I recommend VIGYR? Definitely, and without hesitation. If you want reliability, efficiency and the best program available, then don’t look any further than VIGYR.”
Coffs Harbour, AU


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