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Free Automated Upgrades



What Are Free Automated Upgrades?

Put simply, free automated upgrades are our commitment to you. VIGYR constantly pushes the boundaries of what gym management software is capable of meaning that as we grow, so do you. Access a lifetime of free automated upgrades that seamlessly propel you into the future.

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Join Vigyr And Become A Premium Partner For Life

Joining the VIGYR Team provides you with more than just world-leading software. It affords you the opportunity to access some of the industries most valuable resources for free! When you partner with VIGYR, you can rest assured that you’re investing in long-term growth and business prosperity.

Free Lifetime Upgrades

No explanation needed… You gain free lifetime upgrades for as long as you partner with the VIGYR Team. It’s simple and seamless!

Never Any Unexpected Fee’s

Our vision is to help enable you to build healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities around the globe. We care about your success. As such, you’ll never receive any unexpected fees from us.

Vigyr Premium, Yours Forever

VIGYR offers a premium product and highly valuable business resources for all partners. This means that you will never be downgraded or unsupported while you’re a part of the team.

Grow Your Business With VIGYR

VIGYR is a leading gym management system with a mission to equip the fitness industry with world-leading software and high growth resources that are unsurpassed in functionality, value, and support. Derived from decades worth of experience across thousands of clubs around the globe, VIGYR is proven to help drive real results.

Don’t be caught out with unwieldy gym management software that doesn’t perform when you need it to. Reap all the benefits that VIGYR has to offer when you become a partner, today.

What are you waiting for? Make the switch to VIGYR Gym Software and be on your way to building a fitter business today! We’ll always be there when you need us most.

 “VIGYR has a support service second to none, they will always go that extra mile to help you out. Would I recommend VIGYR? Definitely, and without hesitation. If you want reliability, efficiency and the best program available, then don’t look any further than VIGYR.”
Coffs Harbour, AU


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