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Multi-Functional Member Check-In



What Is Multi-Functional Check-In?

Multi-Functional Member Check-Ins refer to system integrations that provide member access solutions within the fitness industry. The process typically involves linking gym management software with hardware such as RFID access systems, bar-code scanners, and speakers to manage the entire check-in process.

VIGYR takes this a step further by allowing multiple integrations; being compatible with an extensive range of access solutions.

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A New Era Of Gym Access With Multi-Functional Member Check-Ins

VIGYR gym management software completely optimises the entire member check-in process using a multi-functional approach that completely integrates with a range of different access options. Take this one step further by viewing real-time member check-in data through the VIGYR system; highlighting valid and invalid entry attempts within a user-friendly interface.

Extensive Access Compatibility

The VIGYR system comes equipped with extensive access compatibility so you get full control over member check-in processes. Choose from a wide range of hardware such as 24/7 RFID Panels, Bar-code Scanners, Magnetic Card Readers, and more!

Real-Time Member Access

Drive business success with real-time member access that’s proven to streamline check-in processes and improve the member experience. Deny access to those with future start dates, Prevent check-ins for non-paying members; or, grant access to new members in an instant.

Advanced Speaker Integrations

Don’t be held back by ordinary check-in functionalities… Take advantage of hardware integrations within the VIGYR system by linking external speakers for powerful sound options. Play voice commands across both valid or invalid access attempts and gain access to powerful member retention tools such as birthday check-in music.

Grow Your Business With VIGYR

Uncover the true potential of your fitness business with the VIGYR gym management system. Built with the vision to enable the fitness industry to build healthier, happier, and more inclusive companies around the globe – rest assured know VIGYR is more than just a software company. We equip all partners with the world-leading tools, reliable support, and growth resources they need to truly make a difference; working tirelessly to ensure your business success.

Get the tools and support you need to build your own fitness empire by booking a free demo today! So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all VIGYR has to offer and be on your way to building a fitter business.

 “VIGYR has a support service second to none, they will always go that extra mile to help you out. Would I recommend VIGYR? Definitely, and without hesitation. If you want reliability, efficiency and the best program available, then don’t look any further than VIGYR.”
Coffs Harbour, AU


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