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What Is System Auditing Within The Fitness Industry?

System Auditing within the fitness industry is a powerful software feature that allows club owners to view and report on detailed business logs. Advanced System Auditing tools enable businesses to view a comprehensive analysis of daily operations, generating resources such as: Activity Logs, Payment Plan Logs, Full System Audit Notes, and more.

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Unlock Your Business Potential With Advanced System Auditing Tools

When looking to invest in a gym management software, system auditing capabilities may not be on your priority list… Well, they should be! Many refer to this feature as the ‘holy grail’ or the ‘heart’ of business optimisation; delivering vital opportunities for security, retention, and productivity enhancement.

The VIGYR system delivers a simple and seamless auditing interface that allows owners to stay in full control of their business from anywhere around the globe. Get full-access to the information you need to build a fitter business, today.

Member Activity Tracking

Experience a new era of member activity tracking with advanced auditing capabilities available on VIGYR. Get access to full member reports that detail club attendance, purchase records, and more. Use this information to optimise member retention rates or to formulate custom email and SMS campaigns designed to keep members engaged.

Staff Performance Data

Learn to optimise staff performance with comprehensive activity data that allows you to analyse transactions, system changes, and more. Use this information to keep track of software alterations or to identify potential improvements to staff resourcing processes.

System Alteration Logs

Browse through system alteration logs to keep track of any changes made within VIGYR. Gain access to your complete business history and use this information to help reverse any unwanted changes, refine staff access rights, or to better protect sensitive data from unwanted eyes.

Grow Your Business With VIGYR

VIGYR gym management software continues to push the boundaries of what is capable within the fitness industry – delivering fast and flexible technology that’s proven to help drive lasting growth. The VIGYR system is derived from decades worth of experience across thousands of gym’s worldwide enabling all partners to better optimise their business.

So, say hello to more than just a premium suite of new features. Say hello to a new era of member management that empowers you to help more, give more and be more.

Don’t be held back by a gym management system that doesn’t deliver. Know that on Monday night at 6:00PM when you need us most, we will always perform.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a free demo and experience the VIGYR difference today.

 “VIGYR has a support service second to none, they will always go that extra mile to help you out. Would I recommend VIGYR? Definitely, and without hesitation. If you want reliability, efficiency and the best program available, then don’t look any further than VIGYR.”
Coffs Harbour, AU


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