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Monday Night 6:00PM

You know about Monday, right? The night that queues form, frustration builds and your traditional gym management software struggles to cope. But, why Monday?

See, Monday 6:00PM isn’t your typical day. It represents a new opportunity for members to take back their weekend ways and start anew. What results is a significant increase in gym member attendance with a common goal; to undo their healthy habits. You can see the treadmills running, the weight machines locked and the gym benches loaded.

It doesn’t stop there though. Retail sales and membership adjustments also peak on Monday at 6:00PM meaning your members will soon line-up to make a simple transaction, ask for a little bit of information, or perhaps even change a thing or two on their membership.

It’s now, when confronted by queues, check-ins, and limitless demands that most gym management software’s will let you and your members down.

VIGYR changes this, making Monday 6:00PM a benchmark. That’s why VIGYR is the only gym management software you should count on to deliver at peak times, every time.

Not Convinced? Still Think

Monday Is A Myth?

For a small majority of fitness businesses, Monday night is yet to be experienced in full effect. The issue here is that by the time things get out of control, it’s too late. Frustrations will build and the member experience can be severely damaged. Don’t believe us?

Research undertaken by major fitness companies Jawbone and Fitbit analysed the fitness habits of gym members all around the world and found that activity hits a major peak on Monday night at 6:00PM.

These peaks were directly correlated to negative feelings toward fitness clubs and exercise in general as businesses typically struggle to keep up. What resulted is a barrage of online forums collectively recommending more pleasurable activities to replace with gym. That’s why we are now seeing media headlines such as ‘The worst day to go to the gym is Monday, so you should probably stay home’.

So yes, Monday actually poses real issues for your fitness business should you struggle to keep processes fast, simple and seamless. Members will leave, retention rates will drop and less add-on products will be purchased.

This is why VIGYR was created and bench-marked for Monday 6:00PM. At its core, VIGYR Gym Software is a lightning fast innovation that is proven to build fitter businesses around the globe. In fact, we believe in VIGYR so much that we’re giving you the software at no-cost for 30 days!

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It’s my conservative estimate that your VIGYR Software has increased our fitness centre’s productivity 25%. I would highly recommend your software to any health / fitness organization looking to move into the future and increase their profits.
Oklohoma, USA


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