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Cloud-Based Gym Software that is building fitter businesses around the globe.
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At VIGYR, we believe there’s a better way to build a fitter business. A more authentic, inspiring way where clients are empowered to make a wider impact in their community. We come to work every day in the pursuit of achieving this. We are immensely passionate about it. This is why we dedicate not just our work, but our time toward building the world’s best fitness software and growth resources that help owners keep their business about the people.

Our foundations will always remain the same, being built around support, growth, and the customer experience. We are dedicated to the constant improvement of our services and will forever aim to provide you with world-leading tools that enable your business to truly make a difference. We will never forget where we came from which is why it’s our promise to you that at VIGYR, we will always act in your best interests, work tirelessly to help you succeed, and be there when you need us most. Look forward to hearing from you.

Our Vision

To enable the fitness industry to build healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities around the world.

Our Mission

To equip the fitness industry with the world’s best member management software and high-growth resources that are unsurpassed in functionality, value, and support – enabling partners to build a fitter business. 

Why Choose Us


We are dedicated to building a sustainable future for the fitness industry where all businesses, irrelevant of size, can be afforded the opportunity to help more, give more, and be more.

We are committed to the constant innovation, development, and improvement of all our services so that partners will be forever equipped with world-leading business tools and resources.


We operate with pure authenticity so that everything we do is with genuine purpose and aligned with our vision to build an empowered fitness industry that will make a difference.


We serve only with integrity so that all our actions do no harm – providing services that purely exist to create mutual growth and prosperity.

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