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What Clients Say

Here’s What Our Clients Say…

Mentone, AU

Just a quick note of thanks. Vigyr has been the asset to our gym that you said it would be. The members are happy with a quick swipe of the card, reception has more time for the important matters. Vigyr has been handy in the way we plan our monthly sales strategies, with renewals and following up new members. Your back up support for the computer illiterate has been much appreciated.

Managing Director
Seaford, AU

Vigyr Management Software has been a great help to my fitness centre in many ways. It has allowed my staff to spend more time assisting customers during workouts and to attend to more important tasks. Vigyr has also helped me monitor and track expired members, payment reminders, cancelled members and dormant memberships. Vigyr have been very helpful in setting up and running the program. The back up service has been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Vigyr Software to anyone.

Montreal, Canada

I recently installed Vigyr for my customer in Montreal, Canada. Since that time, they have been thrilled with the product. Vigyr gym software is EASY to use and packed with features. I’d also like to take a moment to thank the support group at Vigyr. Support has always been excellent and the distance barrier has never been an issue. Thank You.

Brunswick, AU

Vigyr is the best gym software on the market today. It is easy to use, gives you great feedback and complete membership control. I don’t know how we ever survived without it!

Cheltenham, AU

I have been using Vigyr since release. I have a database that records all members, enquiries and leads as well as a software package that delivers the financial and marketing analysis my business requires. The operators of Vigyr encourage feedback and through this communication they are constantly striving to improve the system to ensure it meets the needs of a growing business. I have been very impressed with the level of service provided and will encouragingly recommend other health clubs to try it out, except of course if you are in my competitive vicinity!!

Oklahoma, USA

I found Vigyr to be outstanding in all respects. There is very little in the way of a learning curve, it is dependable, and has been totally error and bug free. It is also very versatile and configurable. These are all qualities not found in other software we have used. It’s my conservative estimate that Vigyr has increased our fitness centre’s productivity 25%. I would highly recommend your software to any health / fitness organization looking to move into the future and increase their profits.

Northcote, AU

The Vigyr team is fantastic. Vigyr is easy to use even for new staff – Vigyr has revolutionized our business. It allows us to spend our time on servicing our members not wasting time on administration. Vigyr helped us increase member retention and to understand our members’ needs. Thanks Vigyr.

Carindale, AU

Our two clubs have a total of around 2800 active members and we need a program that is comprehensive, networkable and reliable – Vigyr serves our needs very well. With 90% of our members paying their memberships by fortnightly payments, the Vigyr Direct Debit integration makes managing this a breeze. The Reports function also makes the regular membership management tasks quite simple and straight forward. As with all programs, there have been shortcomings in the past but the development team at Vigyr listen to their customers and are always quick to respond to requests for program enhancements. Today, the system is more than I could ask for.

Managing Director
Byron Bay, AU

First let me say thank you for your level of professionalism and your willingness to ensure that we are completely happy with your product. There are no perfect systems or programs, I don’t expect perfection, I do however expect service and your team in my opinion has and continues to deliver excellent service. When there’s a problem you fix it and as a business owner I can ask for no more. Thank you for commitment to being the best. We look forward to supporting your product in the future.

Lilydale, AU

The original version of Vigyr we installed is much more user friendly than our old system and most importantly GST compliant. We requested some special features exclusive to our Lilydale Centre and Vigyr has worked tirelessly to meet every challenge we have thrown at them. Since the transition, after minimal staff training, our team have all found Vigyr easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. As information technology is constantly expanding, it is comforting to know that we have invested in a product by a company that will change and expand with our growing business needs. Thankyou Vigyr for your help and continued support.

Hobart, AU

I have used the Vigyr gym management software since beginning my Therapeutic Baths and Day Spa complex. The ability to comprehensively and efficiently track member activities and specific sales statistics has enabled my business to grow and prosper to what it is today.

Missouri, USA

Having written software myself I know what is involved in keeping software current with the latest features. Vigyr has done a superb job in addressing the needs of the customer and they are always willing to implement any ideas that makes it easier to do business. After researching other club management software I’m convinced Vigyr gives you the most features for a very reasonable price.

Gorleston, UK

I have recently purchased Vigyr software in my quest to help manage my Fitness Centre in Gorleston, UK, to its fullest potential. I have been in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for many years but this is my first management job, and I have to say that this software is making it easy. So far I have been very pleased with the software and the cash drawer that was also available for purchase. The price was exceptional compared to other software and hardware on the market and the owners are very pleased that I did not break the bank but got the best for their hard earned pounds! I am good on computers but I have employees who are not users and also the owners are not computer literate, but they find the interface to be very intuitive and easy to use/learn. The software is very flexible in how you can enter products and track members. My close up time at night has went from 20-30 minutes of adding up totals and sales to about 5 minutes of counting the money and making sure the till balances! I have experienced no glitches in the software whatsoever, and I have entered the complete member base of the gym into the database myself. Thanks again and I am sure I will have more good things to say in the future.

Centre Manager
Toowong, AU

Having been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years, we have tried a few different software packages over this time and I can quite honestly say that the Vigyr software is the most comprehensive and easy to follow management system we have used. I was amazed at how easy it was to input data and the logical processes it took to complete the processing of a new member or renewal member. This made it very easy for our staff to pick up and required only minimal training to get them up to speed. The reporting side of Vigyr is outstanding with a very straight forward system of accessing the statistics you need. The one great advantage of Vigyr is the ability to then merge this data with a word processor and print out letters to members in a quick and easy fashion. Our centre is relatively new to the direct debit form of memberships but with this system it has made the addition of this style of membership easy to process and monitor. In short, I would recommend Vigyr to any fitness centre looking for a very comprehensive, simple, easy to learn, management software package. Congratulations to the Vigyr team on a very good product and a confidence building support mechanism!

Coffs Harbour, AU

We were on the look out for a computer software program for our fitness Centre. What a nightmare, the endless company’s saying ours is better than theirs and it will cost you $30,000 to set up. That’s when we discovered Vigyr. They explained the different options that were available to us and to our surprise it didn’t cost the earth. Vigyr is highly effective and you don’t need a degree to work it. We had made a list of features we wanted on a program – photo ID, direct debiting, point of sale, appointment schedule, the list when on. To their credit Vigyr had it all and more, for example – member profiles, reports for every aspect of our business, an alert for client birthdays (which they really appreciate) I could go on and on. Vigyr has a support service second to none, they will always go that extra mile to help you out, nothing is too hard for any of the support team at Vigyr. It’s service with a smile all the way. Would I recommend Vigyr? Definitely, and with out hesitation. If you want reliability, efficiency and the best program available, then don’t look any further than Vigyr.

General Manager
Northlakes, AU

Just dropping a line with regards to how impressed I’ve been with Vigyr Software. In the past I’ve worked in Club environments that have had to utilise many different systems to cover all the day to day activity. These systems generally, created storage issues and left paper trails everywhere. This leading to confusion and mistakes that cost time, money and most importantly created bad publicity. Which is why I’ve found Vigyr to be so useful, you literally can run your entire club utilising the one program. At present we use Vigyr for everything from childcare bookings, communication book, cash till operation to Direct Debiting approx’ 800 members a fortnight. I think the most important asset Vigyr has is that it is simple to use and when you do make mistakes the system has inbuilt measures to warn you before too much damage is done. I’m also extremely impressed that you listen to our feedback and research the possibility of adding changes to the software in future upgrades. Thanks for your continued support.

Leeton, AU

Thanking you for the software. Vigyr is simply the best! I love the new version, very user friendly. Thanks for all your help.

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