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What Is A Gym Management System?

What is a gym management system? Well, its the best way to build a fitter business. Find out why you need a leading gym software, today!
What is a gym management system?

What Exactly is Gym Management Software?

A Gym Management System, also referred to as ‘Gym Management Software’, ‘Member Management Software’ or ‘Client Management Software’ is an integrated platform optimised for use across the fitness industry – offering powerful tools that are essential to business success.

Gym Management Systems typically offer a wealth of solutions for every day operation, streamlining processes in a way that can enhance the customer experience. This is why choosing the right gym management software is vital when trying to attract membership registrations and enhance membership retention rates.

High-end client management software will typically offer a wealth of features which are optimal for gym owners including integrated security, direct debit billing solutions, reporting capabilities, data administration, and much, much more. This not only assists in enhanced resource allocation, but also provides a better environment for gym members.

How is gym management software used?

The overall use and functionality of gym management software can vary greatly depending on which platform you decide to invest in, however, core features will typically remain the same. The best gym management systems can be used as a powerful set of tools that fully integrate major business aspects to increase staff efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve the overall satisfaction of gym members.

On a daily basis this may translate to something as simple as sending out bulk communications with the touch of a button, tracking unique member measurements, or even reviewing daily check-ins and visit validations. This is all achieved through simplified software that can manage both simple and complex operations in order to create a seamless user experience – affording owners and staff the time needed to focus on what matters most, the customer experience.

Who uses gym management software?

Though it would be reasonable to assume that all fitness businesses are using gym management software, paper-based systems are still utilised across a very select range of locations. So, does the ‘old’ way of doing things pose any benefit? The short answer is no.

Across all leading fitness franchises and budding local gym locations, an innovative gym management system is at the heart of all operations – providing an extensive list of benefits at a significant cost-advantage.

The pure list of benefits associated with investing in a high-quality member management system truly does speak for itself, making your decision of software an important one. So, how do you know what’s right for you? The key here is to invest with functionality and future in mind so that your business is fully equipped to provide a great customer experience and is presented with an optimal opportunity to grow.

Already have gym management software but looking to upgrade? No worries! Migrating platforms is always possible so be sure to always put your best foot forward.

Grow your fitness business with VIGYR Member Systems

Born of the frustration provided by paper-based operations and the expense of most other gym management systems, VIGYR was built as a means to enable partners to deliver the ultimate customer experience at an absolute cost-advantage. VIGYR continues to offer unmatched innovation and integration allowing you to focus on what matters most – your members!

VIGYR focuses on delivering the best gym management software available on the market today, giving access to the industry’s most valued feature set that provides gym members with an unmatched experience through complete process optimisation. So, with free automatic software upgrades, state of the art functionality alongside support and training networks that have raised industry standards around the globe – look no further than VIGYR!

Want to know more about how VIGYR can help improve your members experience, delivering leading business results?

Contact us today on 1300 362 561

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