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4 Signs It’s Time To Switch Gym Management System

Think it's time to switch gym management system? Here's four signs that your old gym management system could be hurting your fitness business.
Switch Gym Management System

Signs that you need to switch gym management system

  1. No 24/7 security integration
  2. Poor automated member communications
  3. Lack of task management features
  4. Not using a web-based gym management software

Here are the top four signs that your gym management software needs to change

Gym management software is a vital aspect of every fitness business so, how do you know when to switch or upgrade? Well, there are a range of features that are highly important aspects of an effective gym management system that, if lacking, could be damaging your customers club experience.

The good news is, it’s never too late to switch the gym management software that you are currently using in favour of something that can provide you better business outcomes. Being an owner in the fitness industry is all about awareness and deciding to upgrade to a fully integrated platform can produce a more efficient way of production that allows you to focus on what matters most – the gym members.

So, what are the signs that you may have outdated gym management software? How do you know that there is something better out there? Here are the top four signs that you need to rethink your current gym management system.

There is no 24/7 Security Integration

Gym security is a highly important aspect of any fitness business and is essential for those operating a 24/7 facility. Though these systems are most notable for managing suspensions, in arrears, and multiple visit passes – security issues can also come into fruition when considering new member sign-on’s.

Failing to have an effective gym security system that is optimised for 24/7 access can be a major failing point as it can not only allow old members to enter the facility, but prevent new members from doing so.

Finding a gym management system that has a fully integrated security system allows for accurate data to command access. Leading gym management software will also have the ability to link direct debit systems – allowing for no pay, no entry capabilities. For new members, again, this means instant access regardless of sign up date or time.

You are lacking automated member communications

As the fitness industry continues to propel into the digital age, it is becoming more important for automated processes to take over – improving productivity and reducing costly overheads. Member communication systems are no exception.

So, if your gym management system is lacking automated member communications, it could be time to switch… Having the ability to export data directly to SMS or Email tools and generate hundreds of personalised messages with the click of a button, is an invaluable business tool that can help enhance the customer experience.

The ability to facilitate such communication with members on a mass scale is an absolute must in the saturated fitness market, providing a significant edge over other local competitors.

Task management features don’t exist

Task management features are often overlooked across most gym management systems, however, they hold pivotal functionality that can greatly assist with resource allocation, staff planning, and due dates. Therefore, if your current gym management software is lacking task management features, it may be time to switch.

Time is one of the most valuable assets that gym owners and staff can obtain within a fitness club, allowing more effort to be spent on enhancing the member experience. Software that facilitates effective management processes are highly valuable and something you should look for when switching platforms.

High-end gym management systems will offer task management integration that allows tasks to be created and deadlines to be set based on various factors. Tasks are also able to be assigned to particular staff or departments – sending notifications out when comments or dates are updated. This ensures that core operations are never lost in translation, offering a great solution to other external planning applications.

Gym management software is not web-hosted

Perhaps the most important feature of any gym management system is how it’s physically offered to gym locations. Moving into the digital age, it is vital to ensure that your software is web-hosted so that a high level of reliability and support can become available.

Older gym management systems require an installation process that not only causes a multitude of access issues, but also hinders the ability to quickly expand or receive vital software updates. Web-hosted management software, however, offers a range of benefits including instant upgrades, remote database access, and faster interaction times.

So, when considering switching platforms, be sure to look for web-hosted applications that can provide better business outcomes moving forward.

Worried about the process of switching your gym software?

While it can be quite daunting to switch gym management systems, this process doesn’t have to be painful. Finding a good gym management company can reduce the amount of effort required to migrate your software and data – allowing for a simple transition.

Most quality software providers will come equipped with efficient on boarding processes that optimises the entire experience, ensuring the switch remains seamless. This means no missed payment, no double billing, and no extended periods of inactivity that affect your daily gym operations.

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