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Best Free Personal Training Software in 2021

Looking for the best free personal training software? Find out what the top alternatives are for PT's around the globe in 2021.
Best free personal trainer software

Here is the best free personal training software you can find on the market today

  1. VIGYR
  2. Trainerize
  3. PTMinder
  4. TrueCoach
  5. My PT Hub

Power your personal training business with the best software that (No) money can buy

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of any wildly successful personal training business, is the software.


Because, you can never scale or sustain a business with poor processes, client management systems, or financial inconsistency.

The problem here is that, although this is exactly why personal training software was made, you can’t always expect something for nothing.

Companies invest millions every year to develop software and in return, they expect your money. Typically in the form of a monthly software usage fee.

Is this worth it?

For most people, the answer would be an astounding yes. Though that’s not the point.

The point is – Is there a way that you could find a Free PT Software that can:

A.) Provide the same level of essential functionality that their costly counterparts can
B.) Help you reduce (Or eliminate) software fees for your business to maximise profitability

Well, our team dove head-first into the market with some good and bad news…

The bad news: At the time of researching, there were no real notable software solutions available for free… Only paid services that are listed as ‘Free’ on many websites as they offer a trial (Or limit the amount of clients you can have).

The good news: We just partnered with a corporate partner to make one. A free software for personal trainers. A feature packed PT software solution for you.

Here’s how it stacks up against the big players.

*Please note – All prices and information is as at 19/11/20 taking into consideration today’s conversion rates among other factors. 

VIGYR PT Software

Let’s start with our top pick of the bunch! The new (actually free) personal training software from your friends here at VIGYR.

Sound a little biased? Good!

We are, and rightfully so. After all, this is the only software that you can get our hands on that won’t restrict features, clientele, or support.

This means we onboard the cost of support, maintenance, and software development. In fact, the only thing you will ever be charged for is if you decide to direct debit or process payments (This is a standard fee charged by debit companies and banks).

It’s also why we aren’t worried about writing an article that lists our competitors. This software is all about you.

What VIGYR Does Do:

  • Offer a feature-rich personal training software that’s perfect for businesses new and old.
  • Support your business as it grows with a world-leading team dedicated to our personal training partners.
  • Completely eliminate the risk of signing-up with a software company.

What VIGYR Doesn’t Do:

  • Complicate things with ‘fancy’ sounding features that you don’t actually need (And that others will charge you more for).
  • Provide a feature when someone else does it better, for free.. Your members can use MyFitnessPal or Strava to log nutrition/workouts with you instead.
  • Restrict how many clients you can have
  • Make you pay software fee’s… (This is kind of an important one).

Starting Price: $0/ Month

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Seamless Client Management
  • Integrated Payment and Billing Solutions
  • Online Client Sign-On
  • Intuitive Business Reporting
  • Custom Branding
  • World-Leading Support

Premium Price: Yep.. It’s still free!

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Seamless Client Management
  • Integrated Payment and Billing Solutions
  • Online Client Sign-On
  • Intuitive Business Reporting
  • Custom Branding
  • World-Leading Support
Free Personal Training Software


Trainerize is a software company founded in 2012, operating under parent company ABC Financial Services.

They’re also the only other company on this list that truly offers a free personal training software alternative.

The catch?

Well, you can only have one client. So, unless you’re looking to be a one-client band – you’ll be looking to upgrade to one of their paid tiers. The price here will rise as you get more clients.

Trainerize offers a range of good features including online-client sign-on and automated messaging, also throwing in some miscellaneous add-ons such as nutrition tracking.

Should you be looking for a piece of PT Software that’s used by many others – Trainerize could be a good alternative for your business if you’re willing to front the monthly fees.

Starting Price: $0/ Month

  • 1 Client Only
  • Automated Messaging
  • Online Client Sign-On
  • Payment Processing

Premium Price: $5 – $250/ Month

  • 2 Clients to 500+ Clients
  • Automated Messaging
  • Online Client Sign-On
  • Payment Processing
  • Nutrition Features
  • Branded App
Trainerize Personal Training Software


PTMinder is a software company that offers a range of solutions for the fitness industry. More specifically, personal trainers.

Unlike VIGYR and Trainerize, there unfortunately are no free alternatives. Instead, they make this list because they happen to offer a ‘Free Trial’.

This trial will last you 14 days before you become a paying member and subscribe to their tiered software package.

Like most companies operating in this space, PTMinder offers a range of essential features such as payment processing and client management while also offering some extras such as a branded app.

PTMinder takes a similar pricing strategy to Trainerize – charging for the total quantity of clients you have in your database so you’ll have to be mindful when taking on new customers.

If you are chasing personal training software that charges as you scale and offers a mix of essential and miscellaneous features – PTMinder could be a good alternative.

Starting Price: Free Trial Only

  • Free Trial Sign-Up Only

Premium Price: $36 – $110/ Month

  • 5 Clients to Unlimited Clients
  • Client Management
  • Online Class Booking
  • Payment Processing
  • Branded App
PT Minder Personal Trainer Software


MyPTHub is a software company that aims to provide an integrated business solution for personal trainers.

Though MyPTHub doesn’t offer a completely free version, they do offer an extended 30-day free trial that gives you a month to try out the software.

As you would expect by now, MyPTHub adapts a client-based pricing strategy and charges for the quantity of people in your database.

In terms of features, you will find a similar feature-set to the other software alternatives on this list, offering the essentials plus a little bit extra (Such as apple watch integration).

The MyPTHub PT Software has a solid feature set and could be a good alternative for those seeking to pay for the essentials, plus a little more.

Starting Price: Free Trial Only

  • Free Trial Sign-Up Only

Premium Price: $20 – $49/ Month

  • 5 Clients to Unlimited Clients
  • Branding Features
  • Activity Feed
  • Payment Processing
  • Class Booking
  • Apple Watch Integration
My PT Hub Personal Trainer Software


TrueCoach is a software company founded in 2015, operating under parent company Transaction Services Holdings.

Initially developed to help coaches save time and better manage their business, TrueCoach now services a range of fitness professionals around the globe.

Like PTMinder, there will be no free option but you will be able to access a free trial to decide if this software is right for you!

Pricing strategy remains consistent here too, charging based on the quantity of clients you store in your database.

TrueCoach does however, come with a range of unique features in the field of nutrition and theming alongside the essential features you should expect from all PT Software alternatives.

If you are a specialised PT and don’t want to utilise third-party apps to deal with nutrition and workouts, plus you’re looking for all the essentials – TrueCoach could be a good option.

Starting Price: Free Trial Only

  • Free Trial Sign-Up Only

Premium Price: $19 – $99/ Month

  • 50 Clients to 200+ Clients
  • Client Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Business Dashboard
  • Custom Theming
  • Nutrition Tracking
True Coach Personal Training Software

Looking for more than a Personal training Software…?

Great! Because we’re looking for more than just a personal trainer… We’re looking for people dedicated to building healthier, happier and more inclusive communities around the world!

You can claim your free software and become a partner today, by clicking > > > Here

Otherwise, you can browse hundreds of other business resources and articles we have available! Here’s two you can access now!

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