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How To Increase Gym Revenue

Need to know how to increase gym revenue? Here's what the world's most successful gyms are doing to build fitness empires. Learn to grow gym revenue now.
How To Increase Gym Revenue

Here are top 4 tips to increase revenue at your fitness club

  • Increase retail product offering
  • Promote private training sessions
  • Offer premium membership tiers
  • Introduce paid challenges and events

Four simple strategies to start increasing your gym revenue

While it’s easy to get lost in the fantasies of ‘changing lives’ or ‘making a difference’ – the fitness industry is a highly competitive and ultra saturated marketplace that often grants no favours. At the end of the day, gym ownership is a business and in order to survive – you must generate enough revenue to cover costs and begin making a profit. So, how do you increase your gym revenue?

The good news is that increasing gym revenue typically goes hand in hand with improvements to the customer experience, meaning your vision to ‘make a difference’ will often play a key part in improving your fitness business for the better. But, what specific strategies can you implement straight away to help drive revenue growth?

Here are four simple, yet effective ways to increase gym revenue at your fitness club.

Increase your gym’s retail product offerings

Make no mistake, your core business model should be centralised around attracting new membership registrations or enhancing gym member retention rates, however, there are opportunities to be found when you create a value-added experience through the addition of extended product offerings.

Gym members will often look for ways to optimise their intra-workout and post-workout results, while also looking for products that can improve their overall experience. Stocking a small range of supplements can be a great start when trying to increase your gym’s retail product offering, on-top of essentials such as headphones, socks, towels, water bottles, and bags.
Additionally, the introduction of a drinks fridge or a healthy food service can make a great addition to any gym – allowing members to fuel up before or after a workout. This is especially helpful for those who are constantly ‘on the go’.

While selling products may not seem like much, sales do eventually add up and can provide a generous revenue increase for those who take full advantage of all available opportunities. It is important to note, however, that product offerings must be implemented with the intent to increase the customer experience and provide added value and convenience to the service you currently offer. Trying too hard to push sales of retail products can really damage reputation and brand trust over the long-term, so be sure to find the right balance for your club.

Promote personal training sessions and other fitness opportunities

Chances are that you currently offer personal training sessions or other group classes at your gym. If not, this is a great place to start when looking to increase revenue, as it provides a platform to generate further business income by providing immense value to members at every stage throughout their fitness journey. Already offer personal training services? Great! You’re one step ahead.

The trick now is to maximise this revenue stream by promoting the services you offer through enhanced member communications. This is how to truly improve your fitness business. There are many ways to go about this, however, the most effective communication methods include:

  • Social media posts that provide information about personal training services with an included call-to-action or special offer.
  • In-house signage that increases awareness around the personal training services that are provided at your gym with steps on how to get started.
  • Automated emails or text messages that promote exclusive discounts or offers for your personal training services. This can be done through third party programs or within high-end gym management software.

These communication methods act as a vital way to increase awareness relating to the training services you actually offer – allowing you to leverage the relationship your staff have with members in order to close the deal.

Again, these services should be offered with the intent to provide value. Personal training is a great way to better understand a members fitness goal and an even better way to help them reach it!

increase gym revenue through personal training

Offer premium membership tiers for those looking for ‘more’

Though all gym members may sign-up with similar intentions, many look to utilise their membership in different ways, with some looking to gain access to a wider range of benefits than others. So, why try to force your members into a one-size-fits-all pricing model?

Implementing a tiered membership offering can allow your most involved members to get added-value from your gym, while your ‘average’ member can still enjoy the niceties that come standard with a ‘typical’ membership. This not only drives revenue but can increase member retention rates too. So, what may these membership classes look like? What benefits could high-tier members receive? Here are some ideas:

Bronze Membership:

  • Gym access within staffed hours
  • Free PT Session with sign-up

Silver Membership:

  • 24/7 Gym Access
  • Free PT Session with Sign-up
  • Personalised eating plan with Sign-up

Gold Membership:

  • 27/7 Multi-club Access
  • 5 Free PT Sessions with Sign-up
  • 30% Off all classes
  • 20% Off Supplement store
  • 5 Free visitor partners

In addition to optimising membership levels as a revenue stream, this segmentation also allows you to customise member communications further to better enhance the customer experience. This not only allows for more growth opportunities but helps identify the most committed members which can be incredibly valuable, long-term.

Introduce paid challenges and events to your gym

Nothing boosts gym morale and brings the community closer together than group events and challenges. Whether it be workshops, boot camps, or fitness challenges – hosting an easily accessible event is a great way to drive more revenue and generate a better customer experience.

One of the best ways to optimise this strategy is to take into consideration your gym members needs and seasonal downturns so that you can get the most out of your efforts. Some examples of this may include:

  • Summer Boot camps: Paid boot camps that allow members to reach their fitness goals over summer as they strive towards their ideal ‘Beach Bod’.
  • Holidays Fitness Challenge: 12 Week Holiday fitness challenge that helps members stay on track throughout the holiday season.
  • January fitness workshop: Hosting fitness workshops to help members get the most out of the new year. This also takes advantage of the higher levels of motivation associated with this time of year.

Still looking for an extra edge to increase gym revenue for your fitness business?

Searching for a little ‘something’ else that can help you get the competitive edge over other gyms and drive gym revenue? While this article is a great starting point to kick-start some new revenue streams, there are some valuable tools that can help take your business to the next level.

A high-quality gym management system can be an incredibly effective method of reducing gym costs and increasing revenue, with the ability to integrate all processes throughout your gym. High-end software will allow you to send customised communications to members with different membership levels, while also managing personal training bookings, and more!

Learn to grow your fitness business with VIGYR gym management software

Though there is a range of gym management software on the market today, VIGYR is unmatched – being derived from decades worth of experience across thousands of gyms worldwide. VIGYR has been designed with the end-user in mind, enabling partners to better optimise their gym business in a way that offers an unmatched customer experience at an absolute cost-advantage.

VIGYR has continuously pushed the boundaries of what gym management software is capable of – delivering the fastest and most flexible piece of gym technology available. What does this mean for you? Well, it gives you simple and seamless integration that allows you to focus on what matters most – your business! So, let VIGYR do the work for you!

Say hello to complete process optimisation and a deluxe range of new premium features and tools that have redefined the industry of gym software. Don’t be held back by a gym management system that doesn’t deliver. Find out what’s driving the future of the gym industry and raising software standards around the globe!

Talk to us about how VIGYR can improve your gym business, today!

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