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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening A New Gym

Opening a new gym? Avoid these common mistakes that new gym owners make when beginning a fitness business. Find out how to grow your fitness club today.
New Gym Owner Mistakes
4 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening A New Gym

What are the top mistakes to avoid when opening a gym?

  • Spending ‘too much’ time inside the gym
  • Failure to differentiate
  • Underestimating gym expenses
  • Using the wrong gym management system

Here are the ‘Top Four’ mistakes gym owners are making

When competing in the highly saturated market that is gym ownership, it is crucial to minimise the amount of mistakes made in order to prevent revenue loss and maximise membership registrations.

At the core of every gym, fitness studio, or athletic club should be the same central belief that ‘people pave the highway to success’. Whether it be a gym fanatic or a fitness beginner, a strong emphasis needs to be placed on the customer experience. A failure to optimise experiences for gym members both new and old can lead to poor retention rates, declining membership registrations, and a loss in revenue. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the top four mistakes commonly made by gym owners can directly affect paying members, hindering the potential for success.

So, what are the most common mistakes made when opening new fitness locations around the world?

Failing to differentiate from the competitors

Regardless of location, it is likely that your new fitness location will encounter it’s fair share of competition with a wealth of gym’s fighting for new membership registrations every day. Failing to differentiate can be a major pain point for new gym locations and is certainly a mistake that many club owners make.

The good news is that whilst obtaining a competitive edge through expensive equipment may not be viable – it’s usually the little things that matter. From morning greetings and personalised advice to club processes and gym management systems – minor details tend to reflect major results.
The key here is to make interactions as seamless as possible, reducing the frustrations that exist within most other local gyms today. Find a way to be personable with gym members and integrate operations to help stand out of the crowd and increase both membership registration and retention.

Opening a gym without adequate funding

Opening a gym can be a costly experience and although they hold great business potential, many owners forget to budget for ongoing staffing and admin expenses that can significantly affect the profitability and sustainability of a new club. Unfortunately, the equipment isn’t everything!

Cutting costs on staffing can greatly impact the quality of service provided to members and reducing spend across areas of the business such as client management systems will likely affect how seamless the business is run.

So, in hindsight, it’s better to wait and invest into quality fitness professionals that can help maximise value provided to customers. Additionally, finding a leading member management company can provide integrated gym software can facilitate better security, billing, journaling, and rostering practices.

Using the wrong gym management system

Throughout the process of opening a new fitness gym, client management solutions may very well appear at the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list. Outside of the fitness industry, members are already experiencing the luxury of integration and failing to place an emphasis on client convenience is a surefire way to fall behind.

Whilst there are numerous ways to explore the possibility of process enhancement, the most successful gyms tend to rely on their member management software to align vital business aspects in a seamless manner – ensuring convenience at every turn.

Software such as VIGYR allows new fitness clubs to access full integration not only improving the customer experience, but providing cost-effective solutions to other alternatives out there. Features such as cloud hosting, direct debit billing systems, 24/7 security integration, free life-time upgrades, and online member sign-on ensures that valuable time is spent on pursuing the ultimate member experience.

Spending ‘too much’ time inside the gym

Most fitness club owners place a sturdy focus on remaining present within their own club and whilst this level of personal interaction is vital, it can eventually become counter-intuitive. Networking and branding are two significant elements of gym ownership and excessive time spent within your gym when other staff are present eliminates one of the most powerful marketing tools – word of mouth.

Keep that personable feel by showing regular involvement within the gym, but don’t be afraid to take a walk outside and welcome any opportunities which may come your way. Rostering and resource allocation are effective ways to find optimal time frames for gym visitation, making integrated management systems quite a vital asset.

So, what’s the solution? Here’s how to increase your gym’s chances of success

One of the biggest factors of gym success can be narrowed down to organisation. Staying prepared in an ever changing industry is vital not only to maintain operations, but to stay ahead of the game. So, how do you improve organisation processes within your fitness club to improve the customer experience and overall gym success?

While there are small steps to take as outlined above, every gym owner will tell you the importance of a fully-integrated and seamless gym management software. Although there are a multitude of alternatives available on the market today, companies such as VIGYR currently lead this space providing integrated software solutions that help build your business. So, whether looking sell more memberships or simply searching for ways to keep members happy – VIGYR will be there when you need them most.

Get the tools you need to succeed with VIGYR

VIGYR is the most innovative and integrated client management system, providing leading results for all partners. VIGYR offers a completely unique approach to gym management that remains unmatched by other alternatives on the market – delivering integrated solutions that enhance the member experience.

VIGYR Gym Management Software not only gives exclusive access to the industry’s best and most innovative feature set, but allows your gym members to reap an elusive list of benefits through complete process optimisation.

Want to know more about how VIGYR can help improve your members experience, delivering leading business results?

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