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How to Transition Your Fitness Business Online

As global situations develop and countries attempt to reduce the effects of this pandemic it's vital to learn how to transition your fitness business online
Transition Your Fitness Business Online

Here is how to transition your fitness business online

As global situations develop and countries attempt to reduce the effects of this pandemic, new restrictions are being put in place that could see fitness centres shut down for up to six months.

Many Health organisations are lobbying for fitness facilities to be considered an essential service, however, we know that for many, waiting is not an option.

Since situations began to escalate, our team has spent countless hours looking for alternatives in a bid to help the fitness industry make it through to the other side. Though we may have no control over what has happened, the ability to adapt and overcome will be vital in the coming months.

Here’s what you can start offering today to drive more revenue and supplement lost income.

  1. Online Workout Plans and challenges
  2. Nutritional Consultation
  3. Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Learning to supplement revenue through online service offerings

Based on professional advice given by health organisations, in alignment with overarching Government restrictions, we have developed a list of ideas in hopes of giving you some potential vehicles to keep generating revenue over the coming months. Please note, this should not be considered personal advice. The following concepts simply replicate what many fitness businesses are currently doing to move forward.

Nutritional Consultation – Many fitness businesses have double-downed on their online nutritional consultation services in an attempt to help keep clients healthy. These services are expected to extend beyond the current pandemic with health organisations reporting significant year-on-year growth in this sector. Among these services, personalised eating plans that take personal goals, budget, and other dietary requirements into consideration; are most popular.

Virtual Personal Training Sessions – A wealth of personal trainers are beginning to use an online format to consult with clients in a bid to keep results from slipping away. Daily video calls, constant communication and continued support are vital staples when using this platform. Those who currently offer these services are taking full advantage of video calling services to better analyse technique and push for better client results. It should be noted that conducting online virtual personal training should still be done in conjunction with underlying codes of ethics

Online Workout Plans and Challenges – Many popular franchises have started to offer at-home programs which can be exclusively accessed by current members. This form of online training offers daily equipment-free workouts and is all about helping communities stay fit throughout these unprecedented times. In addition, more challenges are being created to keep clients motivated and to build a stronger sense of community – two vital elements that will prove to be vital over the coming months.

Moving Forward Within The Online Training World

Hopefully this article has provided some clarity regarding potential alternatives for your fitness business moving forward. As the global situation continues to develop, we will endeavour to keep you updated with resources and information to help all businesses make it to the other side.

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