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The Best Way To Attract Fitness Beginners To Your Gym

Want to attract fitness beginners to your gym? Find out how leading gym's are maximising revenue and enhancing retention rates simply by signing up fitness beginners.
Attract Fitness Beginners To Your Gym

Here is how to attract fitness beginners to your gym

  • Offer Beginner Resources
  • Invest in Upskilling Gym Staff
  • Build an inclusive community

Here are the top ways to attract new member sign-ups at your gym

Beginning a fitness journey can be one of the most daunting experiences for your potential gym members; however, attracting fitness beginners is a unique business opportunity for those looking to capture one of the most loyal customer-bases available in the industry.

It’s important to remember that fitness beginners will typically be starting without any major expectations as to what a ‘gym experience’ should feel like – providing a great opportunity for gym owners who are prepared to go above and beyond – catering toward customers needs.

Captivating beginners in the fitness industry can also provide long-term benefits such as increased retention rates as members become more brand loyal toward those who add value to their lives. Helping a beginner get into the swing of working out, offering support, and giving them a direct route to transform will not only change their life, but your business too.

So, how do you attract fitness beginners to your gym?

Offer Beginner Resources

As a Gym Owner, it’s important to understand that everybody is at a different stage in their fitness journey so offering beginner resources to those starting out can be a great way to add value and attract new membership registrations.

These resources may come in multiple forms, however, the most popular offerings include personalised work-out plans, modified group classes, and eating plans. While this may seem labour intensive, quick measurements can be entered into any leading gym management system, such as VIGYR – allowing all interactions to be seamlessly recorded and integrated into your fitness beginners experience.

Creating this personal touch not only attracts beginners to your gym, but also creates a superior customer experience that increases the likelihood of them becoming a life-long member – significantly increasing long-term gym revenue.

Invest in Upskilling Gym Staff

While fitness beginners may be new, they are also aware of the ‘bigger picture’, holding high ambitions for their time at the gym. Upskilling gym staff can be one of the most effective ways to not only attract beginning members, but keep them too. Here’s how:

Customer Service Training – Upskilling your front-line team with customer service skills can be a vital asset when trying to attract fitness beginners and sell more memberships. Learning to offer a warm welcome to potential members that evokes a strong sense of inclusivity and community can act as an effective way to create a competitive edge – building a strong reputation from the start. Customer Service training also comes in the form of product knowledge. Informing gym staff of beginner-specific offerings and value-added incentives can greatly influence beginning members to register with your gym.

Institutional Training – Upskilling your gym staff with institutional training allows fitness beginners to receive qualified advice throughout every stage of their fitness journey. Having personal trainers that are able to formulate programs that grow with new members can be a unique selling proposition that communicates a beginners ability to grow with your gym, instead of growing out of it.

improve gym member retention with community

Build an Inclusive Community

A gym community can oftentimes be the defining factor in whether a fitness beginner chooses to sign-up at your gym – making it a key element to consider. While equipment and internal processes help, community ultimately determines how your gym ‘looks’ and ‘feels’. A positive community is one of the most effective ways to increase member registrations and member retention rates, so promoting inclusivity and acceptance to staff and current clientele is essential.

As the gym owner, the community truly does start with you, so making a point to personally welcome each individual with open arms is a surefire way to represent what your fitness club is about.

So, Is your gym optimised for fitness beginners?

This article has outlined some very valuable tactics to help attract fitness beginners to your gym, however, it is important to be mindful of how current processes look for your business. Does your business currently have a good community? Are your fitness professionals qualified to help members reach their goals? Is your gym beginner friendly in terms of resources offered?

If the answer is no, the priority should be on actually building an inclusive gym environment. Attracting new clientele is vital, however, developing the internal aspects of your gym will often be a better investment of time to begin with.

If you find yourself still struggling to differentiate and develop your gym, there are a multitude of tools available to help make this process easier. Gym management software is one of the easiest formats that leading gyms use to make a difference, allowing the personal management of individual members – creating an unmatched user experience.

Help attract fitness beginners with VIGYR Gym Management Software

VIGYR is an innovative gym management software that was built around the vision to enable partners to deliver the ultimate customer experience at their gym. VIGYR focuses on delivering integrated solutions that streamline all processes, allowing you to focus on what matters – your members! VIGYR continues to offer unmatched innovation, service, and support in the industry as the most valued gym management system on the market today.

VIGYR Client Management Software not only gives exclusive access to the industry’s best and most innovative feature set, but allows your gym members to reap an elusive list of benefits through complete process optimisation. This means better retention, happier members, and increased gym revenue.

Want to know more about how VIGYR can help improve your members experience, delivering leading business results?

Contact us today on 1300 362 561

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